CURATORS, NOT EDITORS – TWS curates, but it doesn’t edit. We have no control over anyone’s content, but we do control which sources are included in the TWS feeds.

INCLUSIVITY – TWS aims to include as many media sources as possible which cover the world of watches and which meet our minimum requirements. We do not exclude based on slant, style or journalistic aesthetics, for example. (Note that our app allows users to conveniently exclude any source based on each user’s personal preferences.)


  1. Technical incompatibility. Some sources are not compatible with the technology we use. If your source is not compatible, but you’d like it to be, contact TWS and we will provide you with guidelines to bring your publication into compatibility.
  2. Marketing and sales sources. We recognize that over the past decade the line between sales and marketing materials and proper objective journalism has blurred considerably (e.g., sponsored content is often labeled, but sometimes it is not; many publications are retailers). We exclude sources which are overtly and consistently selling the products being covered, but we cannot entirely exclude on this basis due to the aforementioned blurring of the proverbial church and state. TWS recognizes that some news about sales and marketing constitutes a significant contribution to understanding the world of watches (e.g. significant auctions, industry marketing policies, etc.). We also recognize that a great deal of useful content is generated by sellers. TWS curators exclude on this basis through subjective judgment, and such exclusions will evolve dynamically over time as norms change.  Exclusions are not up for debate and remain our sole decision. 
  3. Offensive content. TWS reserves the right to exclude based on our subjective judgment of what constitutes offense. We do not debate these decisions, and will make them internally in as fair and open-minded a manner as possible.

ADVERTISERS – TWS will generate income from the sale of advertisements which will appear in TWS feeds. Advertisers will not receive any privileged treatment in terms of inclusivity or prominence (visibility) beyond the placement of their ads.